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Two months into my new lifestyle Lipolytic Diet and 15kg down! I feel like I have my life back and am not done yet AND at the age of 50!!!!!! Don’t let age or circumstances hold you back.. support is always a telephone call away… thank you so so much Michele!

Liezel Raciti

So far i have lost 6kg in just under 2 weeks. At first it is not that easy trying to stay focus and not eat the wrong stuff. But this really works. And the great thing is you don’t loose muscle just FAT.

Justuis Pieterse Manefeldt

This diet is changing my life and how I see myself. I feel more confident in my own skin than I did before . Going for my second session now (month 2) with the lipolytic diet. Thank you so much !!

Demi Mcleod

Amazing weight loss program. Super service. Amazing feeling to loose 33kg in 4 months.

LG Coetzee

Thank you Michele! I lost 11kg in a month and my cholesterol improved! I highly recommend this program.

Just want to follow up on my last progression. I’ve lost 22 kg in total. Thank you so much for helping me Michele Reynolds. It’s a really easy and simple diet to follow. I recommend this for anybody that really want to see results in a short period of time.

Vincent Mcleod

Het vandag met my 2de ronde begin en reeds 14kg verloor. Die beste produk ooit. Ek love dit.:-)

Gerda De Bruyn Prinsloo

Very happy that I started with the Lipolytic Diet, never been so easy to lose weight before…and never so quick. I love this diet. I am entering week 10 this week and have lost 23.7 kg’s! Feeling super proud and even more determined to lose lots more!

Anna-Marie Boshoff

Started with the journey on the 12 May 2018 and today it’s officially one month 2 days and I lost 14kg. I didn’t take post pics but hope my old pics can show transformation am still at it and planning to do it till end 12 August 2018.

Start weight 156kg (12May 2018)
Last weight taken 142kg (7 June 2018)
Weight on 15/06/2018 =

Thanks Michelle for your help

Deborah Dlamini

A journey within my body had caused total upset for a few years now…leading me to become quite uncomfortable within my own skin and really not liking being there at all (water retention and lethargy were becoming my constant companions). It was only until quite recently that a friend if mine mentioned that she was going to start a low calorie eating plan combined with lipolytic. Somehow it sparked an interest and I too have just recently started with the program. I have not only lost weight but have noticed that my energy levels have definitely increased along with my mid section deflating considerably? and my skin doesn’t feel like it’s going to burst from the water retention. My fat-loss journey is a long way from being over but I now have the confidence that I will get there.

Thank you Michelle xx

Janine Forbay

I am in love!!!♡♡♡♡

I lost 9.4 kg’s in a month! I know I could’ve lost more if I stuck to a strict diet! But I am amazed by the results after acknowledging that I didn’t eat as healthy like I should have!♡

I am definitely going to go for another run!

Jolandie Elizabeth Hagan

This is the only weight loss program that I recommend after a lifetime of trying everything from dieting to marathon training. My first 6 weeks saw me lose ten kilos of fat, taking me to my goal weight after my divorce and I looked fabulous. Now when I feel the weight creeping in from over indulgence (and boy do I know how to do that), I just take a quick month to reboot. A side benefit is the allergy related illnesses also disappear.

Michelle Turner

For motivation, I just can’t believe I started the injection 3 weeks ago, on Thursday it will be four, and it works for sure. I didn’t waste my time and money. I am so happy my face looks different too. This program is the best!

Busisiwe Mkhoto

I feel on top of the world!!! Finally, a program that works. These injections are the best. I am more motivated than ever!! Its been 2 weeks since I started the program and 7.9kg down.

Lindi Nkosi