Lipolytic Injections and drops


Lipolytic Injections and Drops


How does it work?

Lipolytic is a natural product that will trigger lipolysis (breaking down fat) and blocking lipogenesis (absorbing energy into fat cells) if combined with a reduced calorie diet.

The combination of the medication and the specially formulated eating plan will trigger the body to tap into your abnormal fat stores as a source of energy.


By tapping into your fat reserves you will release a substance called leptin that will trigger your satiety centre in your brain. This gives you a feeling of “fullness”.

Lipolytic also increases your serotonin (happy hormone) levels, thus increasing your mood.


– Gain confidence and energy

– Attack stubborn fat deposits

– Rapid weight and cm loss

– Look great

– Keep the weight off

– Excellent results for men and women

– Easy syringes for injecting

– Never feel hungry

– Makes body burn fat and preserve muscle

– Safe to use while on chronic meds

– No harmful side effects

– Increased energy and improvement in sleep

– Cutting edge medical technology


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