The 3 eating phases
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Phase 1 of the Lipolytic diet – Calorie loading (day 1-2)


To prepare your body for the “starvation diet”, you have to increase your food intake two days prior to starting the low calorie eating plan. You will consume a high calorie/high fat diet in conjunction with administering your lipolytic. When the actual diet begins, the lipolytic will stop new fat cells and lipids from being stored in your body and will instead mobilize the fat that is already stored up. Because of this, Phase 1 is crucial to your success.



BREAKFAST: Bacon and cheese omelette with double cream café latte with sugar MID A.M. SNACK: Croissant with full cream hot chocolate

LUNCH: Hamburger and French fries with a soft drink and ice cream for dessert MID P.M. SNACK: Milkshake and custard Danish

DINNER: Wine and beef steak with rice, gravy and bread LATE P.M. SNACK: Chocolate brownies


Phase 2 of the Lipolytic diet – Low calorie eating plan (day 3)

This is the largest phase. When people refer to the lipolytic diet protocol, they typically refer to just Phase 2. This is where you will begin the Low Calorie diet (as per the information booklet). This booklet outlines all of the restrictions for the diet. You will continue with this phase until you reach your goal. While you are on the low calorie diet, it is essential that you are taking your lipolytic as instructed. The lipolytic hormone is what mobilizes the stored fat to make up for the lost calories of the diet. The diet and the hormone intake go hand in hand and you will not experience the maximum weight loss unless you do both. Many patients lose up to 1 kilogram a day during the first week of Phase 2. As mentioned, this is where most of the work is done so it’s important that you follow the protocol and do not alter the plan.


DIET: (Points to remember)

–  Two main meals per day (protein & vegetable)

–  Leave more than 4 hours between main meals

–  No meals after 10pm

–  No fat, oil or alcohol for the duration of the diet

–  Spray ’n Cook may be used


–  Snack 7:00                                                   2 Pro-Vitas with Marmite & fruit

–  Meal 12:00                                                  100g protein & 100g vegetables & 1 soup

–  Snack 16:00                                               1 Pro-Vita with Marmite & fruit

–  Meal 19:00                                                 100g protein & 100g vegetable

PROTEIN: 1 unit per meal – 100g raw weight per unit

Choice of the following;

–  Beef

–  Veal

–  Venison

–  Turkey or Chicken breast

–  Ostrich meat

–  Fish: hake, sole, kingklip, crayfish, prawns, tuna (oil free)

–  1 egg or 2 egg whites

175ml yoghurt, flavoured and fat free

SOUP: 1 sachet with 1 of the meals

– Weighless Lite in various flavours (Optional: Beef & Veg, Chicken & Herb, Golden Veg, etc)


VEGETABLES: 1 unit per meal – 100g per unit – raw or cooked

Choice of the following:

–  Baby marrow, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, gem squash, green pepper, lettuce, mushrooms, onion, spring onion, spinach (these vegetables can be mixed)

–  4 spears of asparagus (not to be mixed with other vegetables)

–  1 tomato – any size (not to be mixed with other vegetables)

–  1 potato – size of a tennis ball (only every 5th meal)


–  Salt, pepper, vinegar, curry, 1 level teaspoon Coleman’s English Mustard, 1 desert spoon oil free or low-fat salad dressing

–  Basil, tarragon, thyme, garlic (dry), rosemary, oreganum, cinnamon, red & green chilli, Aromat

–  1 Teaspoon Marmite or Bovril (low blood pressure & cravings – 1 teaspoon in glass of hot water 1 x daily)


FRUITS: 2 units per day

–  Apple, grapefruit, nartjie, nectarine, orange, peach

–  150g (1 unit) pawpaw, green melon, spanspek, watermelon, strawberries

CRACKERS: 1 unit per day

3 Pro-Vitas, 3 rice cakes, 3 Wasa, 3 Ry-Vitas, 2 Crackerbreads


–  Water – 3.5 to 4 litres per day (at least 3L)

–  Coffee and tea – black only, sweetened with canderel/xylitol if desired

–  Diet cold drinks – Coke Light, Tab, Sprite Zero, etc. – 4 cans per day

–  Soda water

–  Lo-cal sugar free, flavoured cold drinks


–  1x egg OR/

–  1 x yoghurt (fat free & sugar free) OR/

–  1 x protein shake (eg. Evox Lean Pro) or protein shake can substitute a protein

Phase 3 of the Lipolytic diet – Maintenance

After the work that you put in with Phase 2, you will be more than happy to reach Phase 3. Phase 3 is known as the maintenance period. The Low Calorie diet ends and you can now start slowing increasing your caloric intake, but there are still some restrictions such as limitations on sugar and starch. You will also reduce your lipolytic intake at this stage. The goal of this phase is to slow acclimate your body with eating regular amounts of healthy food. This phase will help your body continue to lose weight even without supplementation. It is not uncommon at all to continue to lose weight during Phase 3.

Maintenance can be used in two ways, firstly as a period between treatments and secondly as a stabilization program after the desired goal weight has been reached. The duration of the maintenance period is 3-4 weeks and like the preparation period it requires some planning. The patient continues on the diet for 3 days and does not inject with the lipolytic. On Day 4 the patient will restart with the lipolytic at half of the dosage and follow the eating plan below.


During this period the patient will not weigh the portion but should consider the following food:

  • –  Meats: any kind, boiled, grilled, steamed, roasted, smoked or dried (without visible fat)
  • –  Fruits: except melon, tangerines, pineapples, bananas, figs, dates and grapes
  • –  Vegetables: all except potato and sweet potato
  • –  Six Pro-Vitas, rye vitas or crisp bread
  • –  Fat free or low-fat dairy products
  • –  Eggs: one egg plus the white of two eggs can replace meat, fish or chicken serving
  • –  Fat free cold meats
  • –  Olive oil for salad serving
  • –  Low calorie jams and sweeteners
  • –  Liquids: water, mineral water, unsweetened sodas and any low-calorie beverages whichcontain two calories or less per glass. Coffee and tea without sugar may be consumed atanytime
  • –  Alcohol: one glass of wine or beer per day
  • –  Spices and herbs: any natural type is allowed but be aware of commercial seasonings as theymay have hidden sugars and flavours within their ingredients

Lipolytic Diet Plateau Breakers

Weight loss on the Lipolytic Diet is usually pretty fast… until you hit a stall or plateau.

A stall on the Lipolytic Diet is considered 4-6 days of no weight loss. A stall can last up to 10 days, but are typically 4-6 days. Nip a stall in the bud by completing one of the two allowed Lipolytic Diet stall breaker days.

While Lipolytic Diet plateaus are very frustrating, they will eventually break on their own, but may take up to 10 days. No need to ‘wait it out’, there are strategies to break stalls on the diet sooner, rather than later. The two most common stall breaking strategies are… an apple day or a mini-steak day.

Lipolytic Diet Stall Breaker #1: Apple Day

  • Do not drink any liquids all day (except for extreme thirst), not even water.
  • Starting at lunch time, you may eat up to 6 apples from lunch time until midnight.
  • Any color or type of apple is allowed, organic is preferred.
  • Only minimal amounts of water are allowed, such as to take medication or to quench extreme thirst.
  • No other food or liquid is allowed on an Lipolytic Diet apple day.
  • The whole idea of a Lipolytic apple day is to rid your body of un-needed water. The apples act as a natural diuretic, please remember to avoid drinking any water, tea, or coffee. Only drink water if needed for medication or to satisfy thirst.

Lipolytic Diet Stall Breaker #2: Mini Steak Day

  • Drink ample amounts of allowable Lipolytic Diet drinks all day (plain coffee, tea, and water).
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water on a Lipolytic Diet mini steak day, to help flush your system.
  • No food for breakfast or lunch.
  • For dinner have a 200g lean steak with 1 raw apple or 1 medium size, raw tomato (not both).

Keep in mind that people are different, what works best for one person does NOT necessarily work best for another person. Try to break your stall with one of the allowed stall breaking methods (above) before trying anything else.

Once you complete one of the above Lipolytic Diet stall breakers, you should see faster weight loss. If not, you may want to try the other stall breaker.

For women… stalls on the Lipolytic Diet that occur around your time of ovulation or time of menstruation are normal and may not ‘break’ with the plateau breakers above. These types of stalls on the diet are usually caused by hormonal spikes because of your ‘time of the month’ and will usually regulate once you’re done menstruating or ovulating.

Download the Lipolytic Diet Program (non-fridge) booklet here

Lipolytic Diet Program (non-fridge)