About the lipolytic diet 

Our Lipolytic diet protocol consists of a specially formulated eating plan accompanied by self administered treatments of injections or sublingual oral drops. The average Lipolytic dieter experiences rapid weight loss averaging 8-10kg per month, with many losing more. In addition to loss of unwanted abnormal fat , the true benefit of the Lipolytic protocol is its ability to help modify the dieter’s relationship with food and eating, resulting in easily maintained, long-term weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes.

The Lipolytic diet is safe and effective for both women and men. It works by using energy from deposits of fat that wouldn’t normally be used for energy, so people often notice they are losing fat in areas where they have had difficulty losing through other diet plans.

The Lipolytic diet is different from other weight loss regimens because it is known to boost metabolism and keep you from feeling hungry. Typically, when your body takes in fewer calories than it burns, the body’s natural response is to slow down the metabolism and preserve fat stores. The Lipolytic diet helps your body metabolize stubborn fat stores and keep you energized while taking away unwanted fat.

The search for a perfect weight loss solution is a never-ending task. Many of our clients find theLipolytic diet to be a quick and easy solution when it’s followed properly and meticulously. We also have many clients love the way they feel on Lipolytic diet.

We do understand it is not for everyone but if you are seeking a fast weight loss solution, Lipolytic diet may be the right weight loss program for you.

How does the lipolytic diet actually work?

The combination of the injections/oral drops and the specially formulated eating plan will trigger the body, to tap into your abnormal fat stores, as a source of energy.

By tapping into your fat reserves you will release a substance called leptin that will trigger your satiety centre in your brain. This gives you a feeling of “fullness”.

Lipolytic also increases your serotonin (happy hormone) levels, thus increasing your mood.

The end result being:

– Weight loss (fat loss)
– Increased energy levels
– Decreased hunger
– Increase in mood

Why does that matter?

During a fast, dramatic loss of weight with crash dieting, there is a high amount of muscle that is lost. Because muscle is heavy, this loss looks good on the scale because the kilograms are dropping quickly. When you lose muscle, it’s bad for your body, shape, and metabolism. The metabolism slows so much that dieter regains weight quickly, often regaining all the weight that was lost and then some. Additionally, it takes quite a bit of work to build back the muscle that has been lost.

The Lipoltyic diet however, protects muscle from being lost. In fact, there is more of a pure fat loss, which causes a shrinking in centimetres and size of clothing.

The great result is that one can become leaner, in a smaller clothing size, but with more muscle. This muscle allows for a stronger metabolism and helps people maintain their weight loss long after their diet is completed.

A remarkable aspect of the lipolytic diet is that with your body getting the majority of the nourishment it needs from your stored fat reserves, you do not feel the hunger that would certainly result if you tried to diet by reducing calorie intake alone.